Madonna is No Feminist by Stephen Blease (2018)

Madonna is No Feminist
by Stephen Blease, August 2018


[Madonna relied on her sexuality to get attention and sell her albums]

….This sums up neatly my problem with Madonna. It was her 60th birthday last week, and all the coverage was about what a strong, successful, trailblazing “empowered” woman she is, and such a great role model for girls.

….She’s certainly a great example of how far you can get and rich you can become on a modest amount of talent.

But her self-promotion was always based on sexual explicitness. She never released a single without dressing in suspenders or a conical bra, flaunting her flesh, dancing provocatively and making near-pornographic videos.

Just visible on the Like A Virgin cover is the belt she is wearing, emblazoned with the words “Boy Toy”.

Surely that is the exact opposite of feminism and female empowerment?

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Bizarre Madonna-Themed Baby Lullaby Albums

These are songs or albums actually being sold on Amazon’s site.

I found these while looking for 1980s pop songs.

Snooze Tunes (For Babies)
From the Album Lullaby Tribute: Madonna


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Cher Says She Never Wants to Duet With Madonna (2018)

Cher disses Madonna as she plays Five Second Rule game with Ellen DeGeneres

Cher Reminds Everyone She Doesn’t Like Madonna By Dissing Her On ‘Ellen’

September 24, 2018

The pop icons’ decades-long feud may very well be on again.

The odds of Cher and Madonna finally doing a duet together are looking about as good as the “Believe” singer tweeting without a single emoji. In other words, it’s not happening.

The “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!” star stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday to talk about her new ABBA cover album, but ended up reigniting her long-dormant feud with the Material Girl.

During a segment called “5 Second Rule,” Cher was asked to answer a variety of questions as a clock ticked away, and when she was tasked with choosing three celebrities she wants to duet with, the game took a delightfully shade-filled turn.

“Oh, Adele, Pink, and, uh, um, not Madonna,” she said right out of the gate.

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Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s More Respectful Than Madonna

Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s More Respectful Than Madonna

I am not surprised by this.

Madonna has had a long history of being rude and inconsiderate towards her friends, family, fans, and co-workers, going back to the 1980s (examples here and here, especially under the 1980s section).

By contrast, I’ve never gotten a bitchy or catty vibe off Lady Gaga.

Additionally, I’ve not yet read of any incidents or anecdotes indicating that Gaga is regularly hateful, entitled, rude, spoiled, or demanding towards others, or has a pattern of that behavior, where-as very early in her career (by the early to mid 1980s), Madonna is already on record for behaving in that manner.

Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s more respectful than Madonna


September 2018
By Celebretainment

Nile Rodgers says Lady Gaga was more “respectful” as an artist than Madonna in the studio.

The Chic frontman teamed up with the 32-year-old star on a cover version of his band’s 1978 disco anthem ‘I Want Your Love’ for their first album in 24 years, ‘It’s About Time’, and he said she showed a lot of appreciation for working with the music legend than the 60-year-old Queen of Pop.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: “Gaga’s a different kind of animal.

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Singer Debbie Harry Criticizes Madonna Over Political Comments (2017)

Singer Debbie Harry Criticizes Madonna Over Political Comments (2017)

Madonna, by the way, used to copy off Debbie Harry quite a bit.

This incident dates from April 2017:

Debbie Harry thinks Madonna is an ‘a-hole’

The 71-year-old Blondie singer was not impressed with Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March in Washington in January when she claimed she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” after Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

Speaking about Madonna, she told the Sunday Times Magazine:

“I don’t feel like I have to be an a*****e and say stupid things like ‘Bomb the White House’, but I am speaking out on politics now. I’m sleepless since Trump’s election.”

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Madonna’s History of Bad Body Odor (Part 2)

From the 2001 biography “Madonna” by Andrew Morton, published by St. Martin’s Press.

View the Bio on Google Books

(from page 70):

(Circa late 1970s, early 80s):

She [Madonna] maintained a determinedly Bohemian lifestyle, a young artist hungrily devouring Hemingway, absorbing Picasso, and savoring Browning – food for the soul, not the body. Nor did the daily cares of makeup, hair-dressers or hot showers concern her.

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Is Madonna Angry Over Oscar Buzz for Lady Gaga’s Acting in A Star Is Born? Is Gossip Cop’s Reporting on This Accurate?

Is Madonna Angry Over Oscar Buzz for Lady Gaga’s Acting in A Star Is Born? Is Gossip Cop’s Reporting on This Accurate?

About a week ago, there were two or three sources indicating that Madonna has heard all the positive reviews of Lady Gaga’s acting in the role of “Ally” for the soon- to- be released film “A Star Is Born” and was infuriated about this, because she always wanted to be an actress or movie star, but her acting career was pretty dismal.

Here is a sample of the positive commentary Gaga’s acting in A Star Is Born has already received:

She can sing, but can she act? Critics hail Lady Gaga: movie star

Here is the initial report that Madonna is allegedly jealous of Gaga’s acting success:

Madonna ‘Livid’ Gaga’s New Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ Garnering Oscar Buzz, Report Claims

Celebrity gossip site Gossip Cop not only said no, this is not true, but in their article, they oddly deny that Madonna ever wanted to be a movie star / actress – when it’s very clear from various media sources, even dating back to 1985, that yes, she wanted to be a movie star.

Madonna “Livid” Because Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Getting Oscar Buzz?

Here are a few excerpts from that page at Gossip Cop emphasis added by me:

September 2018

Madonna NOT ‘Livid’ Over Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Getting Oscar Buzz, Despite Report

…According to RadarOnline, Madonna isn’t happy about all the praise Gaga is getting “because she’s the one who always wanted to be a movie star.”

Meanwhile, the iconic singer has had plenty of success on the big-screen, so the idea that “she always wanted to be a movie star” isn’t accurate.
–(end Gossip Cop excerpts)–

“Plenty of successes?” Madonna has also had plenty of movie and stage play failures, as well.

The Madonna films Who’s That Girl,  Shanghai Surprise, Bloodhounds of Broadway, Snake Eyes / Dangerous Game, Body of Evidence, The Next Best Thing, and Swept Away were all critical and commercial failures, and Madonna’s acting was regularly said to be horrible and wooden in all of them.

Madonna’s acting in the 1980s stage play Speed The Plow did not exactly bowl over critics, either.

Yes, Contrary to the Gossip Cop Site, Madonna Wanted to Be An Actress From An Early Point in Her Career, and Madonna’s Acting Career Was Not Successful

Madonna did in fact want to be an actress. More than anything, she wanted to be famous, and she didn’t seem to particularly care how or in what medium she got famous – whether it was via dancing, acting, or music – so long as she made it to the cover of magazines.

But at times over her career, she’s admitted to the fact that she always saw herself as an actress, and that she was not fond of being a singer.

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