Madonna Scrapes the Bottom of Fame’s Barrel by Eilis O’Hanlon (2019)

Madonna Scrapes the Bottom of Fame’s Barrel by Eilis O’Hanlon (2019)

Editorials such as this one appeared within days or weeks after Madonna was photographed singing at an event where her butt appeared to be much larger than usual – a lot of people were speculating that she got butt implants, and there followed a lot of commentary by feminists about this.

Madonna Scrapes the Bottom of Fame’s Barrel by Eilis O’Hanlon (2019)


The queen of pop isn’t a feminist icon – she’s one of the reasons women feel so bad about themselves, writes Eilis O’Hanlon

January 13 2019 6:46 PM

Madonna’s bum is nobody’s business but her own. At least that’s what her admirers have been insisting after the size of the Like a Virgin singer’s rear end drew some less than flattering comments at a recent gig.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Madonna’s backside on that occasion was only slightly smaller than the rising moon, no pun intended.

Implants were suspected, though others thought perhaps a battery pack and some unfortunate camera angles were to blame.

There’s also the possibility that she’s just trolling the world into thinking she’s gone full ‘Kim Kardashian’.

Either way, we were apparently not supposed to comment on the size or shape of said rear end, except to offer up some hackneyed variant on “you go, sister… girl power… female empowerment, yeah”.

Since then, condemnations of “misogynists” and “chauvinists” for daring to make disparaging remarks about a woman’s butt have sprung up across the media with predictable regularity, with Madonna herself hitting back to insist that she is “entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else”. Indeed she is.

By the same token, though, most women haven’t spent entire careers exploiting their own bodies for commercial gain. Madonna’s body has never been ‘policed’ by men. It’s been packaged and peddled to them.

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Madonna is No Feminist by Stephen Blease (2018)

Madonna is No Feminist
by Stephen Blease, August 2018


[Madonna relied on her sexuality to get attention and sell her albums]

….This sums up neatly my problem with Madonna. It was her 60th birthday last week, and all the coverage was about what a strong, successful, trailblazing “empowered” woman she is, and such a great role model for girls.

….She’s certainly a great example of how far you can get and rich you can become on a modest amount of talent.

But her self-promotion was always based on sexual explicitness. She never released a single without dressing in suspenders or a conical bra, flaunting her flesh, dancing provocatively and making near-pornographic videos.

Just visible on the Like A Virgin cover is the belt she is wearing, emblazoned with the words “Boy Toy”.

Surely that is the exact opposite of feminism and female empowerment?

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