I have disliked the pop singer Madonna since the 1980s, for reasons ranging to the fact that she is obscene, relies on manufactured controversy to keep her name in the media, is arrogant, she uses people to further her career, and she’s always been highly unoriginal. There may be a few other reasons, if I pause to think about it, but off the top of my head, that should give you an idea.

You can see some additional reasons listed much farther below.


Because I am largely copying a lot of old content from the original Anti Madonna site to this blog, some links that get copied over may no longer work, especially not as of May 2017, when the site goes dormant.

I will try to catch and correct as many of these links as I can, but some bad links may be overlooked.

I will probably not be replicating the entire site to this blog, so not all old content from the site will make it to this blog.


For some reason, the few remaining Madonna fans who exist (and who mainly seem to live on Twitter) frequently assume I am a Lady Gaga fan.

However, I am neither a Gaga fan nor a Gaga hater (Gaga has a few pop songs I find catchy, but I’m not a die-hard fan).

My dislike of Madonna or Madonna’s views and behavior existed long before I even hard the name Lady Gaga, or before Gaga released her first album.


I have no plans to allow comments on this blog, at least not currently.

If you are absolutely dying to connect with me, I would suggest you do so via the Anti Madonna Discussion Board (hosted by Zeta Boards). You must register and log in to leave comments at that board.

Zeta Boards are usually pretty reliable, but in the several years I’ve been with them, their boards have gone out three or four times – the last time it happened (a few months ago), our Anti Madonna board was unavailable for a week or more.

On those occasions the board goes down, I may open this blog up for comments until the board is up and running once more.

(As of right now, though, I do not want to allow comments on this blog because I do not want to have to police or admin a discussion board AND a blog.)


If you are a Madonna fan (not that she has many of those left these days) who would like to criticize something I’ve written, I ask that you confine yourself to the “Cranky Fans Forum” at the discussion board.

(I do not generally fight or debate Madonna fans on my Flea Dip Twitter account, either. If you try to contact me there to scream at me, I will likely just block you.)

Anyone else, you may post to other forums at the Board.


I do not know how much time I plan on investing in this blog.

Much of the content you see on this blog will be transferred from the Anti Madonna Site (formerly located here), whose hoster has decided to get out of the web hosting business as of May 2017 (and who notified me of this a month or so ago), which necessitated me moving to this blog.

Some of my views of Madonna, social issues, politics and so forth, have changed at least slightly since I created the first Anti- Madonna board and site around 2003.


I was prompted to create an anti- Madonna site or forum around 2003 in response to Madonna’s hypocritical and unpatriotic views that accompanied her 2003 album, “American Life.”

I also felt the need to speak out against her, her views, and the left wing, feminist tendency to deify Madonna as a ‘Poster Girl For Feminism’ because not many people were doing so. (I do not believe Madonna is a good role model across the board for girls or women.)

I am not saying Madonna has been completely without criticism over her career, but really, other than her first adoption of a child from Malawi several years ago, and the “Sex” book controversy of the early 1990s, Madonna has largely gotten a pass from the media.

Madonna’s career has been on the wane the last ten years or so. I may not have much of a need to visit this blog to update it – but then, I find updating a blog ten times faster and easier than updating a web site, so I may stop by more often and tinker with it and add content. I don’t know.

In the past few years, I’ve found myself losing interest in keeping tabs on Madonna’s career to critique it. The media don’t seem to pay her as much attention as they once did.

The board used to get quite a bit of visitor traffic (including by Madonna fans who would leave me rude messages there), but since Madonna is not the cultural force she once was, and because most everyone has dropped forums for social media, the board doesn’t get as many visitors as it once did.

In some ways, I am rather tired of writing about Madonna. I sometimes feel as though I’ve written everything that needs to be written. I honestly feel her career has been on the downfall the last decade or more, so there may not be as big a necessity for me to speak out as much as there once was.


Word Press blogs only permit up to so-many gigs of space for media (photos and so forth). I will therefore not be able to heavily invest this blog with a lot of media. I definitely won’t be able to replicate the “Vogue Gallery.”


I have a Twitter account under the name fleadip

link to that Twitter account:  @fleadip.

I don’t always Tweet exclusively anti-Madonna material from that account. Furthermore, I sometimes tweet “vintage” anti-Madonna content, not just recent material.

I don’t particularly care how many followers I accrue on that account, something the Madonna fans don’t seem to understand. I’ve had several Madonna fans Tweet me on there, mocking my low number of followers.

My Twitter account exists primarily for me to publicize anti-Madonna content, not to amass a large group of friends or admirers. If I do make some friends via that account, that is all well and good, but that is not the account’s purpose.

I occasionally tweet political tinged content on my Flea Dip twitter account, though not often. I am moderately right wing, but I do have friends who are left wing. My point being is that if or when I do tweet political content, it’s likely to be more on the right wing side of things.

If not Tweeting Madonna-related content, I tweet about general entertainment news, links to articles about history, NASA, archaeology, food-related information, weird news stories, photos of cute animals – stuff like that.


A few years ago, an Anti Madonna Discussion Board member and myself discovered that a Madonna fan was running around the internet posting either under her screen name, or under mine (“Flea Dip”).

Do not assume any and all comments you see pertaining to Madonna under the name “Flea Dip” (or any of its variations) is really and truly me. I don’t know if this person is still posting under my screen name or not.