Why I Dislike Madonna: The Brief Version

Why I Dislike Madonna: The Brief Version

in no particular order:

• She is unoriginal

• She uses people for her own gain

• She is rude to people

• She is sacrilegious

• She is shallow

• She is arrogant

• She uses other people’s ideas but rarely gives them credit, or if she does, only begrudingly

• She is a hypocrite

• She is trashy, slutty, skanky and an all around whore – and proud of it

• She was, years ago, overexposed in the media

• She is untalented

• She set feminism back by leading some people to believe that female empowerment consists of women posing nude and acting vulgar

This blog post is being published in April 2017. The above content was written probably around 2003 or 2005.

This was before left wing feminists began braying on social media and their sites about “slut shaming.” I’m not entirely sympathetic with the feminist dislike of “slut shaming,” for reasons I don’t believe I care to get into in this post.

Further, since this content was first published, other pop singers have since gone on to surpass Madonna in the “publicly vulgar and trashy” category.