FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: some links below may not work (especially not as of May 2017) because this content was copied from an old web site and then pasted to this blog in April 2017.

I am working to update as much content and dead links as I can. I may not be updating all content.

(1.) Why do you hate Madonna?
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(2.) How can you say that Madonna does not have any talent? She is the “queen of pop”!

She writes her own songs too! Look at all the hit songs she has had! She’s been learning how to play the guitar!

She reinvents herself a lot! She is still in the public eye, unlike Cyndi Lauper and others from the 1980s!

(a.) I do not deny that Madonna is mega- famous (or was at one time), that she has been around a long time, and that yes, she has out – lasted many other ’80s celebrities (I will eventually replace the “longevity” page I once had at the old site; for now, it’s unavilable).That is precisely part of the reason I made the site: she is over – exposed, I am sick of the media covering every move she makes, and I do not think she is truly deserving of such attention.

(As of 2007, she’s not as over- exposed. As a matter of fact, the media do not run many stories about her anymore, thankfully.)

(b.) Secondly, I’m not sure that she deserves the title “Queen of Pop.”

Who crowned her that, anyway, her fans? Herself?

I recognize that some journalists use that title, but I think they do so as a matter of convenience in their writings — I do not think it’s a consensus among everyday people or the recording industry that she is in fact the so-called “Queen of Pop.”

There are other female pop / rock / r and b singers out there who have had plenty of #1 or top 10 hits and / or who remain popular and loved by the public, such as Janet Jackson, Patsy Cline, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Cher, Aretha Franklin, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and others.

Apparently, Aussie pop singer Kylie Minouge is more popular and has sold more product in Europe than Madonna has.

(c.) Madonna has not written all of her own songs, including some of her bigger hits of the past that helped to really launch her career, such as “Material Girl.”

Secondly, the credits / liner notes on many of her records indicate that other people helped her write the songs.

Further, some of the lyrics she writes are just plain stupid. Read more about that on this page: Madonna’s Stupid Lyrics.

(d.) In terms of show business career length, Cher is one female pop singer who has been around as long as (if not longer) than Madonna and who also has a string of hit songs.

Cher, as of 2003, still remains in the public eye.

Cher was known for changing her image (e.g., experimenting with different hair styles, clothing, etc.) numerous times over the years before Madonna ever released her first record in 1983. Ditto with David Bowie, who serves as the male counterpart to constantly evolving performers.

Some acts from the 1970s, are, of this writing (2007), still in the public eye as well, such as U2 and Elton John. Madonna is not unique regarding longevity.

(e.) Madonna’s lauded “reinvention genius” can be attributed to her thievery, not brains or talent:

she has stolen the images, styles, and fashions of other celebrities. I do not agree that copy – cat behavior should be praised.

Madonna’s copy cat behavior and theft is detailed on other pages of this site.

(3.) You suck! F*ck you! I hate you! Drop dead! Screw you! I bet you’re ugly! I bet you’re a red neck! (etc.)
Calm down, she’s merely a pop singer (and a very wealthy one at that), she’s not God.

It’s not like I am picking on your grandma, either. Don’t cry for Madonna.

Madonna is supposedly a self confident, strong woman which is what is supposed to make her such a great feminist role model, so I doubt she would have hurt feelings over a site like this.

Therefore, and in addition, I find it hypocritical for a Madonna fan to act offended, hurt, or angered over criticism of Madonna.

(4.) 4a. [The angry version]:

You must be pathetic! Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? You are a big loser, get a life!

4b. [The touchie feelie, sappy version]:

I feel sorry for you! Spreading all this hate, how sad! Madonna sings about love in her songs, don’t you know that Love Makes the World Go ‘Round, and you’re Frozen because you’re so consumed with Hate and Regret???

Madonna is a public figure, and she intentionally says rude and offensive things to gain attention to get her name in the magazines.Madonna invites hate and criticism. Madonna loves it; her career has been built upon it. She courts it. Criticism and insult directed her way are her trade, they are her bread and butter.

If Madonna does not want people picking on her and picking her every action apart, she either should have

~ avoided fame altogether, or

~ she should have maintained a different persona, one in which she does not act tough and arrogant, but rather, one that is respectful towards other people’s beliefs and one that does not overly flaunt sex in concerts, magazines, and concerts.

I have as much right to speak my opinions as Madonna does.

My main reason for creating the site was the release of Madonna’s American Life album and all her comments regarding that album and its music videos.

As for Madonna’s use of “love” as a theme in her songs: it’s only content filler for her, nothing more.

Please do not be so naive as to think Madonna actually believes in 99% of the crummy lyrics she writes.

(5.) 5. Don’t you have anything positive to say about Madonna? Nobody is all bad, jeeze! She does give money to charity sometimes!
I have read that Madonna used to visit sick children in hospitals. I say, wonderful! I give her kudos for that; I think it’s great.If she has donated money to charities, that’s swell too — but can you say “tax write off” and “trying to garner favorable public opinion”?

I think very few things she does are out of pure altruism, including having children.

I view her kids (Lourdes and Rocco, and later, the adopted ones) as being more p.r. stunts (seriously).

Attempting to adopt a baby, assisting in the building of orphanages in Africa: done mostly for free publicity.

It does not matter that Madonna is already world famous: this woman can never get enough attention.

I have read that Madonna does not abuse drugs or alcohol. Again, I think that is great too.

~ Except that this month, she was quoted as saying she now likes to go to pubs with current husband Guy Ritchie and get drunk.

(6.) You said on one page at your site that you think that homosexuality / lesbianism / bi-sexuality are immoral, but Madonna does not think so.

Well, then, I’m glad, because you obviously are a hate mongering, homophobic pig, and Madonna is champion of equality, tolerance, compassion, and understanding!

So in your face, you big prude!

(a.) I do not think Madonna truly cares about homosexuals or any of their struggles to gain mainstream acceptance (which I believe they already have won).Madonna uses the homosexual community on several levels:

a) to steal their fashion or dance trends

b) to get free publicity

Madonna has homosexuals (and in this group I am including lesbians and bi-sexuals) in her music videos and so forth in order to create controversy, since she assumes that most of the American public will be outraged if she is seen cavorting with homosexuals or lesbians in her concerts, books, or music videos.

Madonna knows that this controversy will gain her interviews and other free press.

(b.) I always find it fascinating when “touchie feelie,” idealist, liberal types run about ranting over catch phrases such as “tolerance” and evangelizing this concept, since they themselves generally practice intolerance.

In their world, anyone is allowed to speak up and hold an opinion and not be branded a hate mongering idiot – unless they are a white, straight, conservative, male.

No, I do not agree with homosexuality.

This, however, does not mean that I am “afraid of” (i.e., “homo-phobic”) of homosexuals or that I hate them.

I do not practice or condone violence against homosexuals.

Yes, I have been in situations, such as at a former job, where I have had to interact with homosexuals, and they were perfectly nice people, and I was nice to them.

I do not care if homosexuals (and bi-sexuals, lesbians, trans-genders) are “born that way” or not, as it does not change the fact that in my view such behavior remains immoral.

What would stop child molesters, bank robbers, and serial killers if everyone began attributing their immoral, indecent behavior to DNA, genes, and so on?

At any rate, and in the overall scheme of life, I do not care what people do in their bedrooms, as long as it involves consenting adults. So again, spare me the tolerance lectures and hate e-mail.

I do not appreciate having liberals such as Madonna cram their pro- homosexual agendas down the public’s throats, (even though in her case, it is done for publicity, and not out of genuine concern for homosexual rights).

Again: I do not advocate violence against homosexuals, nor do I approve of it. So spare me any hate e-mail and do not bother trying to “convert” me.

I am just as entitled to my views on homosexuality as Madonna is to hers, or you are to yours.

(7.) But Madonna is a savvy businesswoman / promoter / marketer!
I have already answered this objection on another part of the site.Nonetheless:

Madonna’s supposed business success does not justify her immoral behavior or words.

1. Yes, Madonna is a ‘businesswoman,’ but I would not call her a ‘savvy’ one. She has made business mistakes.

In spring of 2004, there were news accounts about Madonna’s Maverick record label losing money.

Warner Brothers charges that Madonna’s pet label has been losing money for years now. (See the links section for more information on this topic- note: as of May 2010, I have temporarily removed the links section and intend on putting it back up later.)

Former “Beatle” George Harrison financed the Sean Penn and Madonna film Shaghai Surprise, which flopped, largely because Madonna cannot act, but also because she refused to help promote the film, and so Harrison was out of some serious money.

Madonna has miscalculated what the public wants in the past (and as of 2004, she is even miscalculating what her fan base wants, insterestingly enough).

First she botched her career with her trashy behavior in the 1980s, culminating in the ’90s release of her Sex book, Erotica album, multiple lovers, and acting vulgar on the Dave Letterman show.

More recently, Madonna miscalculated the public on her American Life album:

She either thought that the controversy surrounding it would work to her favor, or else, she did not anticipate the backlash she would receive for being a hypocrite (i.e., lambasting American capitalism while continuing to purchase high ticket items, such as mansions and BMW cars)

Madonna also thought that people would want to hear her rap.

As of spring 2004, professional reviewers of her “Reinvention Tour” have largely concluded that the “new” Madonna is boring and tepid, and even some of the fans are complaining that Madonna’s tour is too dull and was not what they were expecting.

2. Congratulations on figuring out that Madonna is a businesswoman.

Madonna does not want the public knowing that she is a businesswoman who is interested in investing and marketing and that she is not someone who makes records out of genuine love for music (she has only profits in mind – and fame).

Oddly enough, one Madonna fan at a discussion board tried to deny this point. He made the lame defense that Madonna is quite open about her business doings and makes it into part of her “art.”

I had to remind him of the time when Madonna would not allow her director and camera crew to film her in one of her business meetings during the Truth Or Dare documentary.

3. And as author Ilene Rosenweig in The I Hate Madonna Handbook remarks:

  • It is with reluctance that I have contributed to the already sagging shelves of Madonna- related product and literature, and engaged in the debate that always seems to lead to the conversation- stopping disclaimer: “Madonna, you’ve got to admit, is an amazing businesswoman, and she does show young women that is is possible to be sexual and powerful too.” Please. Women have been making a killing with sexually seductive performances since Salome.
  • The origin of the word vamp is vampire; the word bombshell explains itself. Sexually provocative women entertainers have long been stigmatized as dangerous destroyers, and Madonna, with her take- no- prisoners lingerie and boy- toy belligerences, fits neatly in the unfortunate tradition.
  • The only difference is she runs her own shop. And in some parts of town, such a “businesswoman” is not heroicized as “the future of feminism,” but is politely referred to as Madam. (xi)

Madonna became successful and famous during a time in American history when women did not have to exchange sexual favors to succeed in a career, but she did so despite that.

I have a problem with attributing ‘success’ and other positive accolodes to someone who has “whored” herself into a powerful role.

(8.) If you have not met Madonna in person, you have no right to criticize her.
Of course I have a right to criticize her. I’m living in a nation of people who believe in free speech.

Madonna is a public person. If she were a private citizen, I probably wouldn’t have a site about her.

Madonna chose to be a public figure and therefore to open herself up to criticism.

I dislike Madonna precisely because of her public stunts, such as:

-the time she simulated oral sex on a water bottle in the film Truth or Dare;

-all the times she grabbed her crotch in her music videos;

-being rude to people (as documented in magazine and newspaper interviews);

-for her arrogrant attitude and comments in magazine interviews;

– many more examples could be cited –

(9.) You must secretly like Madonna to expend so much effort on this site! Either that or you must be jealous of her!
And I am sure that Jews who make on-line Holocaust museums must really love Hitler.I have already explained the reasons why I made this site, and subconscious love for Madonna ain’t one of them:

Madonna’s American Life Release and Her Anti American, Anti Capitalism Hypocrisy (link to be added later)

No, I do not ‘secretly’ like Madonna, nor am I jealous of her.

(10.) Your site is nothing but lies! It’s based on lies and gossip! I question the quality or accuracy your sources, too!
I do not need to lie about Madonna since she makes herself look bad.

Some of my sources are primary sources – that is, my information about Madonna comes straight from Madonna herself, that is, from her televised or print interviews, her music videos, filmed tours, and other public appearances.

I quote from articles taken from reputable sources.

(Sometimes, for fun, I also quote from informal sources, such as participants at music forums who flame Madonna.)

What I do is search the web for articles which discuss Madonna, and then I comment on them, not unlike an opinion / editorial section of a newspaper.

I also have access to old magazine and newspaper clippings.

I do not need to ‘lie’ about Madonna, since it is widely known, based upon interviews with former friends and colleagues, that she is a people-using, immoral, trashy, filthy, shallow jerk.

Sometimes such comments can be found in on-line interviews or in magazines.

In other cases, Madonna has done disgusting things in public (such as masturbate during her Blonde Ambition concert tour while singing Like a Virgin, or simulate oral sex on a water bottle in her Truth or Daremovie).

Such examples of Madonna’s public actions, therefore, cannot be chalked up to ‘inaccurate reporting,’ gossip, or jealousy of slighted ex-lovers or co-workers.

Ironically, some of the news items I link to from my site can be found at Madonna FAN sites– that’s right, by people who purport to like Madonna.

Sometimes, Madonna fan sites and Madonna fan boards are the best places to find a treasure trove of anti- Madonna writing and the like.

I usually find the material by surfing the web, like google news, though.

I think the bottom line is that many of Madonna’s fans cannot or will not accept the shortcomings of Madonna.

They want to truly believe that she is a nice, caring person.

They cannot accept that the woman they admire is an egomanic who walks on people, or uses sex, to keep her career on track.

I have also found information about Madonna from biographies by various authors. (Lengthy excerpts from some of these biographies are available from Google Books.)

Have you ever noticed that Madonna fans never question the sources if the source is praising Madonna and saying how wonderful she is?

They only seem to doubt the sources I quote from if the source paints a not-so-flattering portrait of Madonna.

(11.) Aren’t you afraid that Madonna is going to present you with a law suit because of this site?

This site has been up since 2003, and it is now 2007 (and as of this FAQ update, 2010 – and now, it’s 2017).

Although there have been a few fans who have tried to get the site shut down, Madonna herself and/or her legal team have not contacted my web site hoster, as far as I know.

There is a lady named Aisha who has far harsher content on her site about Madonna than I do, and her site is still up and running.

I don’t perceive myself (via this site) to be a serious threat towards Madonna’s career or what little exists of her reputation (I am sorry, but she did herself in with her kinky ‘Sex’ book back in ’92.).

Madonna could of course sue me all she likes. We are living in a Litigious World after all.

Here in the U.S.A. I can sue you if I don’t like the color of your hair or the kind of car you drive.

So the question isn’t really ‘can Madonna sue you,’ it’s more of ‘would she win a suit,’ and I think it unlikely.

I am interested in presenting the truth about Madonna, all of which is based upon interviews and reports that I have read, or TV shows I have watched.

Therefore, I do not knowingly or willingly make anything up about Madonna at my site, contrary to what some of the feeble- minded Madonna fans who write me believe.

Furthermore, telling the truth is also quite handy for deflecting “libel” charges, I must say.

I clearly express when something is my opinion and not a fact.

I qualify my statements so that they read, “It is possible that . . . ” or “according to source ‘xyz’ Madonna said. . . ” or “allegedly Madonna…” and that kind of thing.

Aside from out- of- print books, all the material at my site can be found in search engines.

All I do is collect all the links to news items in one location: this site.

If Madonna does not like that, she would have to sue every person running every site that makes mention of her, including Madonna fan sites, and all such sites featuring her would be removed.

That would be unthinkinable to someone who is as addicted to fame and publicity as Madonna is.

Additionally, at least in the United States, the law is more lenient, so to speak, in terms of permitting criticism of a public figure, such as Madonna, verses a private citizen.

Madonna has criticized American president George W. Bush and singer Sinead O’Connor.

Madonna is using her rights of free speech to speak out against famous individuals, and so am I.

Last but not least, I am a ‘nobody.’

I am not famous and I do not appear on nationally broadcasted television programs.

This is a small, private site where I can vent. I seriously doubt that Madonna herself would ever come across this site.

Even if Madonna were to look at it, she would be delighted.

As we all know from her past behavior, Madonna is a media whore, so that she would absolutely adore this site. In her view, I would think, negative attention is better than none.

Oh, by the way: this is not the only anti Madonna site on the web. It’s one of the few, true enough, but it’s not the only one.

There are also many negative comments by other people about Madonna scattered all over the web, at various blogs and discussion boards that I have nothing to do with.

(12.) You seem to be sympathethic towards those who are conservative and who hold Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Aren’t you afraid this will alienate some site visitors who otherwise may agree with you about Madonna?

Shouldn’t you remove any vestiges of moral outrage and the like from your site?

(a.) I hate it when I have to state the obvious: this is my site.

I will place whatever I please on my site.

If you are a liberal, or if you are an agnostic, atheist, or secular humanist who hates Madonna and who is unhappy with my conservative stance, then I would advise you to make your own anti-Madonna site instead of telling me what kind of tone or content mine “should” (or should not) contain.

(b.) Secondly, the primary reason this site was made, as is stated in several conspicuous places, is because of Madonna’s anti Americanism and her hypocrisy concerning capitalism.

The main catalyst for this site had nothing to do with sexual morés and sacrilege. I have made this more than clear on the site.

However, I find that some critics (ones whom I suspect of having sympathies for Madonna), who are unhappy with my conservative leanings, use my stance against pornography, lesbianism, and homosexuality in order to conveniently dismiss the entire site out of hand.

This factor, as far as I am concerned, reveals their narrow mindedness and is a cheap (and lazy) way out of dealing with anti-Madonna arguments.

On another note, I freely and fully admit to objecting to Madonna for other reasons not having to do with American patriotism or a free market economy. No where on my site have I hidden that (see answer “c” below for more on this).

As far as these other issues are concerned (the ones not dealing with patriotism or capitalism) that I discuss at the site, they do not all revolve around issues such as homosexuality or that of liberal celebrities misusing their fame to preach the liberal agenda.

For example, as I demonstrate on my site, Madonna is not original (visit the various pages in the “Unoriginal” section of the site); she is forever stealing music, styles, looks, and fashions from other performers, all of which is not commendable. Madonna does this far more than any other entertainer who readily comes to mind.

(c.) As for any who may write me, (as one person has done on several occasions), stating that my Flea Dip (as it was once called) site is not so much “anti-Madonna” as it is a rant against liberalism, immorality, and secularism, I have to offer you a great big “Well duh!”

Aren’t there, you ask, other celebrities (or even non-celebrities) who engage in or defend liberalism, hedonism, and immorality? Why, yes, of course there are, and I have not made any web sites about them.

The reason why I dislike Madonna as much as I do and have made a site about her is that she embodies and epitomizes the profane, sacreligious, phoniness and shallowness more so than the rest. Her anti American comments of this year [2003] were merely the last straw.

So it stands to reason that of course I am using this site to speak out against various vices and immoral behavior– ones which Madonna preaches, practices, and promotes.

Therefore, I am really not sure how stating the obvious (i.e., “you must be a conservative and that’s one of the reasons Madonna ticks you off!”) is supposed to negate the site or the points I make.

However, it was Madonna’s anti- Americanism which drove me to finally make an anti Madonna web site.

Madonna serves as a good example of what is wrong with (post) modern society today, so I will use her to those ends if I wish to do so.

I am not a liberal, a humanist, or an atheist.

On this site, I have chosen not only to speak out against Madonna’s betrayal of her home country, but also her contribution to the decay of traditional values and morality:

I do not make apologies for this, nor do I hide it or disguise it.

April 2017:

I am now more moderately right wing than I was when I first wrote this FAQ around 2003 or 2005.

I still have pretty traditional values, but lean more towards a “I don’t agree with your lifestyle, but I live and let live” type philosophy even more so than I used to.

In the past few years, I do think a few other female pop singers have behaved in a more trashy manner than Madonna. No, I don’t want to name them here, because I am not interested in fans of their contacting me to yell and scream at me.

I don’t have the time to blog about the one or two other women pop singers who I find even more vulgar than Madonna.

I hold Madonna and the media mostly responsible for creating a climate, though, in which we do have women singers today who are even more profane than Madonna was.

(13.) You make fun of Madonna for looking like an old hag. Oh yeah, well what do you look like?!
I could be the ugliest person in the world, and it wouldn’t change the fact that Madonna is a hypocrite, trollop, egomaniac, and that she has ripped off creative ideas from many musicians and actresses over the years.

Madonna chose to base her career in part on her looks and sexuality. I, however, am not trying to convince you that my views of Madonna are correct by posting photos of myself on this blog and saying, “Look at how attractive I am, you should agree with everything I write.”