Madonna’s Bad Acting

Madonna’s Bad Acting

How bad is Madonna’s acting?

Madonna’s acting is so very bad that not even her die-hard fans who used to buy her albums when they were on vinyl, cassette tape, and later CD Roms, would go to see her movies at the movie theaters in the 1980s and 1990s.

Most of Madonna’s movies were commercial (and critical failures).

And yet, her fans (the few she has left today) will get angry at people for mentioning that her movie and stage career was largely a dud and big, fat failure.

Here is a list of various blurbs and links discussing how Madonna’s movies have bombed, and how her acting is atrocious:

Madonna: Acts of desperation

May 2002

She may rule the pop world, but Madonna’s acting career has been patchy at best. Now, as she makes her West End debut, Charlotte O’Sullivan says, ‘Love the videos, Maddy… hate the movies’

From page 18 of The I Hate Madonna Handbook:

Madonna quits the acting lessons Camille Barbone had enrolled her in after one day, preferring to stretch out on the floor of her living room and take Polaroids of herself.

(Madonna complained that the acting coach, the renowned Mira Rostova, was “mean” and the lessons were “too hard.”

Rostova gave a failing grade to her one-day pupil: “This girl will never be an actress,” she told [Madonna’s then-manager] Barbone.

“She is too vulgar, and she thinks she knows it all. Besides, I do not like her.”)

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