Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s More Respectful Than Madonna

Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s More Respectful Than Madonna

I am not surprised by this.

Madonna has had a long history of being rude and inconsiderate towards her friends, family, fans, and co-workers, going back to the 1980s (examples here and here, especially under the 1980s section).

By contrast, I’ve never gotten a bitchy or catty vibe off Lady Gaga.

Additionally, I’ve not yet read of any incidents or anecdotes indicating that Gaga is regularly hateful, entitled, rude, spoiled, or demanding towards others, or has a pattern of that behavior, where-as very early in her career (by the early to mid 1980s), Madonna is already on record for behaving in that manner.

Nile Rodgers: Lady Gaga’s more respectful than Madonna


September 2018
By Celebretainment

Nile Rodgers says Lady Gaga was more “respectful” as an artist than Madonna in the studio.

The Chic frontman teamed up with the 32-year-old star on a cover version of his band’s 1978 disco anthem ‘I Want Your Love’ for their first album in 24 years, ‘It’s About Time’, and he said she showed a lot of appreciation for working with the music legend than the 60-year-old Queen of Pop.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: “Gaga’s a different kind of animal.

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Madonna Apparently Exploits 2017 Manchester Terror Attack For Self-Promotion

Madonna Apparently Exploits 2017 Manchester Terror Attack For Self-Promotion

Before we get to the links about the Manchester terror attack….

Don’t forget Madonna used another terror attack a few years ago to promote her Rebel Heart album:
Madonna Accused of Using Paris Terrorist Attack to Promote her Album (2015)

  • Jan 2015
    Madonna is being accused by many online commentators of using the recent terrorist attack in Paris to promote her album Rebel Heart.

    The 56-year-old posted a series of photos to her Instagram to offer support after 12 people were killed in the gun attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices.
    But as Madonna offered encouraging words in the captions for her social media images, she also provided some hashtags which were in promotion of her new album.

Manchester Related Links

Madonna slammed by fans for ‘self-indulgent’ tribute to victims of the Manchester bombing and pal Ariana Grande

MAD AT MADGE Madonna slammed by fans for ‘self-indulgent’ tribute to victims of the Manchester bombing… and pal Ariana Grande
Many are shocked at her tone-deaf post in the wake the tragic attack

By Lauren Franklin, Showbiz Reporter
24th May 2017, 9:54 am

MADONNA has been slammed by fans today for posting a picture of her and Ariana Grande partying.

More than 24 hours after Monday night’s Manchester bombing, Madonna, 58, uploaded a picture to Instagram of her and Ariana, 23, with their arms wrapped around each other and pouting at the camera.

Madonna wrote: “Thank Goodness my friend is O’K. Lets all pray for the innocent victims who are not ok. For their families and for Manchester

However her followers were left reeling at the picture and the words the singer had chosen.

One wrote: “She should NOT use such a tragedy for self-promotion!!! Another picture and words would fit better!!!!”

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