PARADE Magazine on Madonna’s Shrinking Fan Base – 2003

PARADE Magazine on Madonna’s Shrinking Fan Base, 2003

Madonna is even more washed-up now in 2008 than in 2003 than when this was written.

Madonna’s newer songs – from American Life (2003), Confessions on a Dance Floor(2005), and Hard Candy (2007/2008) – receive no air play on American radio stations because Americans are no longer interested in Madonna or her music. Read details of that here: Lame Fan Petition

Madonna’s first 2008 Sticky and Sweet Tour performance in Cardiff, Wales, did not sell out, either; for proof of that, please visit the Ticket Related thread.

(After show dates in the last several years for various, earlier Madonna tours, have been intitially billed as “sold out” in the media, they actually turn out to have empty seats, and in other cases, tickets for those same so-called “sold out” concerts can be found on e-bay, or they are being sold by scalpers dirt cheap at the venues.)

Although Madonna still gets paid the occasional fee for appearing in a TV commercial or for loaning her image to a product, do not mistake continued income for popularity or cultural relevance, because they’re not the same thing.

That some corporations continue to hire Madonna as a spokesperson in the face of her waning career says more about their stupidity than it does actual public interest in her.

Companies who have used her image or music in their commercials or product pitches have not always seen profits increase from it, either. For evidence of that, as well as for more information on that, please see the Corporate Whore thread and the Savvy Business Woman thread, and these threads:

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paradelargeArticle from PARADE magazine about Madonna’s shrinking fan base:

[The text reads]:
Madonna recently released American Life. Do you think it will be the hit she’s been desperately seeking for the past few years? — Dottie T., San Francisco, Calif.

A No. In the last decade, only Ray of Light (1998) topped 3 million in sales, and we predict this album will be a disappointment too. At 44, Madonna has lost much of her teen and young adult fan base and has been supplanted by younger female pop stars such as Avril Lavigne, 18, Christina Aguilera, 22, and Pink, 23.

[the photo’s caption reads]:

Madonna during her last tour: The pop diva’s audience is still sizable but getting older — and apparently smaller