Madonna’s History of Bad Body Odor (Part 2)

From the 2001 biography “Madonna” by Andrew Morton, published by St. Martin’s Press.

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(from page 70):

(Circa late 1970s, early 80s):

She [Madonna] maintained a determinedly Bohemian lifestyle, a young artist hungrily devouring Hemingway, absorbing Picasso, and savoring Browning – food for the soul, not the body. Nor did the daily cares of makeup, hair-dressers or hot showers concern her.

(from page 106-107):

(circa early 1980s):

 Knowing that she was without a manager, he [Mark Kamins]  promptly signed her to his own fledgling music company  and made an appointment with his boss, the legendary Chris Blackwell, who was making a flying visit to New York.

He met Madonna, listened to her tape and then, after she had left, told Kamins that he didn’t sign the girlfriends of his A-and-R scouts.

As would later emerge, the real reason was rather more earthy: ‘She smelled too bad,’ the offbeat record mogul told Kamins some time later.


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