Madonna’s Bad Acting

Madonna’s Bad Acting

How bad is Madonna’s acting?

Madonna’s acting is so very bad that not even her die-hard fans who used to buy her albums when they were on vinyl, cassette tape, and later CD Roms, would go to see her movies at the movie theaters in the 1980s and 1990s.

Most of Madonna’s movies were commercial (and critical failures).

And yet, her fans (the few she has left today) will get angry at people for mentioning that her movie and stage career was largely a dud and big, fat failure.

Here is a list of various blurbs and links discussing how Madonna’s movies have bombed, and how her acting is atrocious:

Madonna: Acts of desperation

May 2002

She may rule the pop world, but Madonna’s acting career has been patchy at best. Now, as she makes her West End debut, Charlotte O’Sullivan says, ‘Love the videos, Maddy… hate the movies’

From page 18 of The I Hate Madonna Handbook:

  • Madonna quits the acting lessons Camille Barbone had enrolled her in after one day, preferring to stretch out on the floor of her living room and take Polaroids of herself.
  • (Madonna complained that the acting coach, the renowned Mira Rostova, was “mean” and the lessons were “too hard.”
  • Rostova gave a failing grade to her one-day pupil: “This girl will never be an actress,” she told [Madonna’s then-manager] Barbone.
  • “She is too vulgar, and she thinks she knows it all. Besides, I do not like her.”)

As another source (Madonna: An Initmate Biography) puts it:

  • Because Madonna said she wanted to act, Camille [Barbone, Madonna’s manager in the early 1980s] sent her to an acting coach, a Russian emigre named Mira Rostova, who had taught such notable actors as Montgomery Clift and Roddy McDowell.It didn’t go well.After one session, Mira refused to ever again to work with Madonna. “I doubt that this girl will ever be taken seriously as an actress,” she told Camille. “First of all, she’s vulgar. Second, you can’t tell her anything because she’s already decided that she knows all there is to know, about everything.”Third, she doesn’t listen, and if she doesn’t listen now, she never will. If I were you, I’d reconsider representing her.”

From Madonna, a biography by Andrew Morton, page 236:

For the truth is that the bleeding of her personality into her performances, so effective in her songwriting, her videos and her concerts, has been the fatal flaw in her career as an actress. She has wooed Oscar, but has yet to win him.

Ciccone [Madonna’s Brother]: ‘Madonna Ruined Her Acting Career’

by WENN | | 06 August 2008

Madonna’s brother insists the pop superstar is to blame for her failed acting career – because she demands too much control over her movies.

Madonna’s shaky film career included a handful of hits – including 1996’s critically acclaimed Evita – but the star has failed to replicate her singing success, starring in a string of flops.

And the Holiday hitmaker has now given up on acting altogether, stepping behind the camera to make her directorial debut earlier this year (08).

Ciccone is adamant that his sister is a talented actress, but she ruined her chances in the movie industry by insisting on taking charge during filming.

He says, “When she relinquishes control and allows other people to do what they are good at, she produces something like Evita; like Desperately Seeking Susan.

‘Madonna ruined her acting career’

  • Wednesday, August 6, 2008: (London) :Madonna’s brother says that the material girl herself is to blame for her failed acting career – because she demands too much control over her movies.Madonna’s shaky film career included a handful of hits – including 1996’s critically acclaimed Evita – but the star has failed to replicate her singing success in films.Rumour has it that the pop superstar has now given up on acting altogether, stepping behind the camera to make her directorial debut this year.Ciccone insists that his sister is a talented actress, but she ruined her chances in films by insisting on taking charge during filming.He says, “When she relinquishes control and allows other people to do what they are good at, she produces something like Evita like Desperately Seeking Susan.

    “The girl can act, it’s just the wrong choices and too much control,” says Madge’s brother.

Broadway legend Patti LuPone criticises Madonna

Patti LuPone burns Madonna, calls her a ‘movie killer’

Patti LuPone Says Madonna ‘Couldn’t Act Her Way Out Of A Paper Bag’

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15 Actors Who Have Won The Most Razzie (Bad Acting) Awards

  • Though both Adam Sandler and Sylvester Stallone have racked in more nominations, Madonna remains the ultimate winner of the most Razzie Awards.She received her first Razzie Award for the 1987 film Shanghai Surprise, and ended up winning the Worst Actress Award the following year as well for Who’’s That Girl.A few more nominations and wins later and Madonna found herself the recipient of the Worst Actress of the Century Award, beating out Brooke Shields and Elizabeth Berkley, among others.While many musicians are notoriously bad actors, Madonna certainly has a long list of achievements that greatly outweigh her title as the all-time Razzie winner. She’’s sold over 300 million records worldwide, and holds the record for most number one songs of all time.


  • Madonna (replied to Stanton’s question):
    Yeah, and as far as acting goes, I’’m not sure it will take me 20 years to be a great actress. I think what I said was that I hope to be acting 20 years from now, when I know I won’t be making pop videos for MTV anymore. I ultimately think my career as an actress will outlive all my other careers.

Hollywood stars ruining our theatre, says Ayckbourn


Jan 2007, by Dalya Alberge, Arts Correspondent

His [Sir Alan Ayckbourn, leading playwright] comments recalled the damning reviews that performers such as Madonna received when she appeared in Up for Grabs in 2002.

The pop star’s portrayal of an art dealer was criticised widely. One reviewer dismissed her as “terribly wooden and self-conscious, with a surprisingly feeble voice”.

Top 5 Pop Stars Who Should Never Act Again – from the Idolator Blog

After the jump, our Top 5 picks for pop stars who seriously need to leave acting to the professionals:

5. Lance Bass
4. Britney Spears
3. Any of the Spice Girls
2. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
1. Madonna

Madonna Desperately Avoiding Susan

  • By: Roger Friedman in Celebrity
    September 22nd, 2010Madonna’s made a lot of films. Most of them are stinkers.But the one film in which she was charming and not yet completely full of herself was Susan Seidelman’s ‘Desperately Seeking Susan.’The 1985 hit co-starred Rosanna Arquette and Aidan Quinn. Madonna was only about two years into her career, and still a novelty. From there, her film career was a wild ride downhill.You’d think she’d appreciate that. But tomorrow night, when the Film Society of Lincoln Center honors the film and Seidelman on their 25th anniversary. Everyone’s coming, except for one: Madonna.’She told them she was too busy,’ says a source. And yet, our Madge was industriously shooting her warmly anticipated (haha) ‘W.E.’ right up through last Friday right here in New York. She was photographed in a gym suit on Saturday attending fake Yom Kippur services at the Kabbalah Center. Certainly she has time to give a little respect to Seidelman. Maybe she’ll show up and surprise everyone! (Doubtful.)

How Whitney got movie success Madonna craved


By Frances Burscough
February 20 2012

It was the early Nineties. Madonna was now in her second decade of superstardom and was hoping to finally break into the movie world once and for all.

…Kevin Costner, himself a huge star by this stage, was a keen fan and had brought his family to see Madonna perform at one of her shows. The footage from backstage was being filmed for a documentary and Kevin was seen approaching the diva to congratulate her on the spectacle. “That was really … er … neat!” he said, clearly feeling awkward to be caught off-guard on camera.

As he walked away, Madonna turned to her entourage and stuck her fingers down her throat to make a retching gesture as if to say: “He grosses me out!” They all burst out laughing, cruelly behind his back, and the entire thing was captured on camera. Not only that, but it was included in the final cut, so his humiliation was ultimately seen by millions.

When he saw it himself, Kevin Costner was naturally livid and refused to speak to her again.

But what Madonna didn’t know was that Kevin Costner had been there on a mission. He was at that time in talks with a film company about a new movie called The Bodyguard, and, as he was one of its executive producers he was seriously considering the possibility of casting Madonna in the all-important lead role. Part of his personal research was to go to a sell-out stadium tour and get a feel of the atmosphere and check out the arrangements behind the scenes.

By mocking him so thoughtlessly, Madonna had unwittingly blown her chances at one of the plum roles in movie history. And no amount of grovelling or apologies from the diva would change his mind. When she found out, she did everything she could to win him over, but Costner wasn’t interested.

Instead, he turned his attention to Whitney Houston, who at this stage had enjoyed number one hits with the likes of I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Saving All My Love.

The rest, of course, is history.

…The Bodyguard, of course, gave Whitney a starring role in a blockbuster movie.

Whether Madonna has ever achieved the same cinematic success is up for debate despite a decent turn in Evita and some plaudits for this year’s W.E.