Is Madonna Angry Over Oscar Buzz for Lady Gaga’s Acting in A Star Is Born? Is Gossip Cop’s Reporting on This Accurate?

Is Madonna Angry Over Oscar Buzz for Lady Gaga’s Acting in A Star Is Born? Is Gossip Cop’s Reporting on This Accurate?

About a week ago, there were two or three sources indicating that Madonna has heard all the positive reviews of Lady Gaga’s acting in the role of “Ally” for the soon- to- be released film “A Star Is Born” and was infuriated about this, because she always wanted to be an actress or movie star, but her acting career was pretty dismal.

Here is a sample of the positive commentary Gaga’s acting in A Star Is Born has already received:

She can sing, but can she act? Critics hail Lady Gaga: movie star

Here is the initial report that Madonna is allegedly jealous of Gaga’s acting success:

Madonna ‘Livid’ Gaga’s New Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ Garnering Oscar Buzz, Report Claims

Celebrity gossip site Gossip Cop not only said no, this is not true, but in their article, they oddly deny that Madonna ever wanted to be a movie star / actress – when it’s very clear from various media sources, even dating back to 1985, that yes, she wanted to be a movie star.

Madonna “Livid” Because Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Getting Oscar Buzz?

Here are a few excerpts from that page at Gossip Cop emphasis added by me:

September 2018

Madonna NOT ‘Livid’ Over Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Getting Oscar Buzz, Despite Report

…According to RadarOnline, Madonna isn’t happy about all the praise Gaga is getting “because she’s the one who always wanted to be a movie star.”

Meanwhile, the iconic singer has had plenty of success on the big-screen, so the idea that “she always wanted to be a movie star” isn’t accurate.
–(end Gossip Cop excerpts)–

“Plenty of successes?” Madonna has also had plenty of movie and stage play failures, as well.

The Madonna films Who’s That Girl,  Shanghai Surprise, Bloodhounds of Broadway, Snake Eyes / Dangerous Game, Body of Evidence, The Next Best Thing, and Swept Away were all critical and commercial failures, and Madonna’s acting was regularly said to be horrible and wooden in all of them.

Madonna’s acting in the 1980s stage play Speed The Plow did not exactly bowl over critics, either.

Yes, Contrary to the Gossip Cop Site, Madonna Wanted to Be An Actress From An Early Point in Her Career, and Madonna’s Acting Career Was Not Successful

Madonna did in fact want to be an actress. More than anything, she wanted to be famous, and she didn’t seem to particularly care how or in what medium she got famous – whether it was via dancing, acting, or music – so long as she made it to the cover of magazines.

But at times over her career, she’s admitted to the fact that she always saw herself as an actress, and that she was not fond of being a singer.

Madonna originally wanted to be a dancer, but once she found it was too competitive, she then decided to move into rock or pop singing.

From page 71 of the biography ‘Madonna’ by Andrew Morton (source), emphasis added:

Yet just a few months after articulating her dream of becoming a principal dancer, Madonna walked away from dance for good.

… There was also the painful realization that there were many other dancers with similar, if not greater, talents than her own.

The subtext is plain. Madonna craved acclaim, applause, even adulation, her individualism jarring upon other members of the troupe.

Only now had it begun to dawn on her that it would take another three to five years of remorseless grind before she could even think of joining a touring company. Then, if she did so, she would face fierce competition from dozens of other equally motivated and talented young dancers.

[After an icy exchange with Pearl Lang, Madonna told Lang] “… I think I’m going to be a rock star.“”

Page 86, same source:

To Burke, her [Madonna’s] ambition was plain to see. ‘Oh, I so want to be famous. I want to be famous,’ she repeated, hugging her knees with the strength of her need. She wanted to equal or outstrip her musical heroines, as Gary Burke recalls.

Page 88, same source:

 As Gary now reflects, ‘It was clear that fame was more important to her than the music. She had a real hunger for success, and she wanted that success yesterday.”

From page 105 same source:

That focus was fixed firmly on becoming famous, and not for one moment did Madonna  ever deviate from that goal.

But even then, Madonna always had her eye on acting – not singing.

Even during her early dancer wanna-be phase, she tried auditioning for a spot in the television show “Fame” (and did not win a part). (You can view Madonna’s Fame television audition here, on You Tube.)

Has Madonna ever been jealous or upset when another female entertainer encounters success in an area, such as acting, that she has not?
It would seem so, if Andrew Morton’s biography of Madonna is any indication:

… Nor, after so many Hollywood mishits, could it help but hurt [Madonna] a little when Whitney Houston hit a double strike with her 1992 film The Bodyguard, both the movie and soundtrack single, ‘I Will Always Love You,’ becoming major hits.
(source: Madonna by Andrew Morton, page 197)

Also remember that in July of 2017, a handwritten letter by Madonna went up for auction, a letter in which she insulted Whitney Houston and actress Sharon Stone as being mediocre.

Clearly, Madonna has some kind of jealousy or issue with other women entertainers achieving more success than herself.

Madonna slams Whitney Houston in never-before-seen letter

Madonna Called Whitney Houston Mediocre in Letter Up for Auction

An excerpt from that page:

“It’s so unequivocally frustrating to read that Whitney Houston has the music career I wish I had and Sharon Stone has the film career I’ll never have. Not because I want to be these women because I’d rather die, but they’re so horribly mediocre and they’re always being held up as paragons of virtue and some sort of measuring stick to humiliate me,” she added.

In the letter, Madonna continued to complain about people lacking originality and indicated that she considered herself to be an original talent.
–(end excerpts)–

If Madonna was capable of being that petty and jealous while in her 30s towards Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston, why would the writers at Gossip Cop think it beyond Madonna to be angry over Lady Gaga receiving accolades for her acting in 2018?

I would hope that now that Madonna is in her 60s – she turned 60 in August of 2018 – she would have matured and grown out of this sort of thing, but if her self-absorbed behavior during the Arthea Franklin remembrance at the 2018 Video Music Awards is any indication, probably not.

Here are some excerpts from various articles and a Madonna biography which discuss Madonna’s long term interest in being an actress (or becoming a star in some capacity):

From the 2001 biography, Madonna, by Andrew Morton, published by St. Martin’s Press, page 200, emphasis added:

While her [Madonna’s] tour, album and videos were widely praised, the most visual of musical artists was continually frustrated that she had failed to conquer the one artistic mountain that mattered most to her, cinema. As she herself has said: ‘I’ve always seen myself as an actress, first and foremost.’

From page 192,  (source), emphasis added:

Madonna, who has been a student of cinema for much longer than she has been interested in music…

From page 140 (source), emphasis added:

For the truth is that she did want to be something else, over and above what she had already achieved. She may have got the man she wanted and the success she craved, but Madonna also wanted to be a movie star.

As she was to admit later, ‘Music was still very important to me, but I always had a great interest in films, and the thought that I could only make records for the rest of my life filled me with horror.’

From the 2001 biography, Madonna, by Andrew Morton, published by St. Martin’s Press, page 200, emphasis added:

No longer an auteur or a film producer, Madonna was, in the eyes of hard-nosed Hollywood producers, a successful singer but a box-office bomb. Singers like Cher and for that matter, Whitney Houston had more solid commercial track records in films.

Jim Albright [Madonna’s one time bodyguard and boyfriend] witnessed first hand her anguish as she desperately continued to try to make it on the big screen. ‘It’s an area that’s caused her a lot of pain,’ he says. ‘She has wanted to take on a lot of roles that haven’t been made available to her.’

… She went to an ‘awkward’ script reading presided over by DeNiro, before finally losing out to Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone, who went on to win an Academy Award nomination for her performance.

…. her film career seemed to be going nowhere.

From page 150 (source), emphasis added:

Although the film of Who’s That Girl? had disappeared from cinema screens before Madonna played her last concert in the tour, her dreams of movie stardom remained undimmed. 

From page 201:

Desperate to be taken seriously as an actress and still smarting from her failed attempt to secure the leading role in Casino, Madonna now threw all her chips on one last roll of the dice – an all-out effort to win the lead in the film version of [Rice’s]… musical.


Excerpts (from 1985 interview that was republished in 2018):

HD: Making a business out of everything, cold hard cash

Madonna: Yeah, and as far as acting goes, I’m not sure it will take me 20 years to be a great actress.

I think what I said was that I hope to be acting 20 years from now, when I know I won’t be making pop videos for MTV anymore.

I ultimately think my career as an actress will outlive all my other careers.

HD: Tell me your goals. What do you want to do?

Madonna: I think in the back of my mind, no matter what I was learning to do, I’ve always had the deepest desire to pursue acting as a career. I guess I’m sort of getting to it in a roundabout way.

Madonna Interview from Sky Magazine 

from March 1993 issue:

After the global self-publicity coup of her book Sex, Madonna still has one unrequested ambition – to be a bona fide A-list movie star.

Her latest attempt is Body of Evidence, in which she drips hot wax over Willem Defoe’s genitals and does some nifty little tricks with a dildo.

Michelle Pfeiffer won’t be losing sleep but whatever the outcome, Madonna is already two development deals ahead.

Nash Peters talks to her in New York….The first of a whole bunch of movies that the operation has in development, it looks like Madonna will never be short of films to star in. The question is: will she ever really make it?…

[Interviewer Question]
Would you admit you’ve made some bad film choices?

[Madonna’s reply]:
Well, I just want to work more in films, and I want to have a chance to learn as much about movie-making as I have about music and performing.

I don’t like to define where I am at this point in my life in terms of getting to a higher place or being a megastar; I think of it in terms of artistry and experience.

And the more you do it the more you learn, the more you know.

Sure, I’ve made some mistakes in terms of choices in film-making, but I did it when I didn’t know that much about movie-making – and I’ve certainly concentrated a lot more of my time in music, so it goes without saying that that’s where I have accomplished more.

I chose to do scripts that weren’t that well written. I just wanted to make movies and I didn’t think.

…How do you hope you’ll be viewed as a result of this film?

[Madonna’s reply]:
As an actress. That’s it. I hope that they think of me as an actress.

…If you had to choose between your acting career and your music career, which would you rather stick with?

[Madonna’s reply]
That’s like asking: “Which child do you like better?” I can’t say. I love them both. I can’t decide.

Do you feel that your ambition to be a pop and cultural icon stands in the way of your ever being fully accepted as an actress?

[Madonna’s reply]
It is. But I think that I will overcome that. I hope that I do.

The Time Madonna Almost Quit Music for Good

  • Lily Rothman, Time magazine
    March 2015

At that point [1985], her concert tour was stirring up young audiences nationwide, her first album Madonna had sold 2.8 million copies in the U.S. and her second, Like a Virgin, had done about twice that much.

But the movie [Desperately Seeking Susan], made prior to her fame and released right in the middle of its first wave, tipped the scales.

“As things are, Susan gives Madonna an audience she can’t reach with MTV or disco,” TIME commented.

In fact, Susan was such a good fit for her that, for a moment, it seemed like she might switch focus:

Madonna admits that Susan, except for her four-second attention span, is to some extent a self-caricature, and it remains to be seen what she could do with a role that required her to wear grown-ups’ clothes.The guess here is that she would be very good.

It does not take much imagination to see her in the Judy Holliday role in Born Yesterday, beating Broderick Crawford at gin rummy.

…”Considering” and “talking with” [Madonna about other possible film roles for her] do not cost much, of course, but Madonna‘s considering is moving in the same direction. ”I don’t think of myself as a rock star,” she tells an interviewer as she cools out in her hotel room after her concert two weeks ago in New Orleans.

[Madonna] turned to rock singing because she realized she wasn’t going anywhere in the dance world. She says that she might do another rock tour, if her manager Freddy DeMann ”puts a gun to my head,” but clearly it is almost time for another career change.

Later in the [1985] story [from TIME magazie], she said that, while she planned to make more albums, the rock-star life was too grueling and that her ambition was to be a great actress.

Of course, though she continued to add to her film credits, from A League of Their Own to Evita, that career change didn’t materialize. Three decades after that cover story, she’s still closer to a rock star than to anything else.
—-(end TIME magazine excerpt)—-

How Madonna makes — then breaks — young talent

March 2016

…In the end, Madonna got bored with Gutierez and moved on to the next hot thing.

“[Camacho and I] put out a record under her label . . . and she didn’t promote it enough,” Gutierez claims. “She wanted to be an actress and be in ‘A League of Their Own,’ and paid [my] project no mind. [She] half-assed it.”

Via the Independent (Link)


  • Madonna at 60: 20 of the best quotes from the Queen of Pop
    ‘I hate being called a pop star – I think of myself as a performance artist’

From Mic’s site (Link), excerpts:

  • “I Love New York.”
    The University of Michigan recognized Madonna’s promise and offered her a dance scholarship in 1976. She attended for two years before she dropped out and moved to New York City to try to make it as a professional dancer.

Madonna kept pushing, trying to make it as a dancer, but it was her voice that really turned heads.

“People would hear me sing and they’d say, ‘Hey, your voice isn’t bad.’ And I’d say, ‘Oh, really?’ ” Madonna told CNN. “I mean, I never had any training. I never wanted to be a singer.”

But she didn’t pass up the opportunity. She joined a rock band and then formed her own in 1980, even earning a modest record deal.

Eventually though, Madonna and Steve Bray, an old boyfriend, broke off from the band to write some ’80s disco and pop tunes. Madonna shopped around one of these songs, “Everybody,” as her first demo.

Forbes Article on Madonna

by Matt Schifrin
Forbes Staff
Aug 2018

Judging by accounts of her past, Madonna appears to be skilled at meeting and cultivating people who can advance her career.When she first arrived, almost penniless, in New York City in late 1978 she was a dancer, having trained at, but not graduated from, the University of Michigan.

According to those who knew Madonna, she soon realized that there was no money in dancing and that success was easier to achieve in pop music. Before long, Madonna became romantically involved with a struggling rock musician…

Madonna V. Bradley Cooper

The Gossip Cop author wrote:

It’s also worth noting, Madonna invited Cooper to her Oscar party earlier this year. The actor, who also co-wrote, directed and produced A Star Is Born, had already finished shooting the movie with Gaga at this point. If the singer truly has so much animosity surrounding the project, it’s unlikely she’d be so friendly with the person responsible for making the film and casting Gaga in the lead role.

As far as I am aware, Madonna’s grievance is with Lady Gaga, not with Bradley Cooper, who is the director of A Star Is Born, so I would not necessarily expect Madonna to be upset with Cooper.

You guys at the Gossip Cop site may want to be a little more up-front with your pro-Madonna bias.

I at least admit to disliking Madonna, but I do try to be accurate and honest in my critiques of her career.

In light of all the many excerpts and links I provide in this post, from different sources, some ranging back to 1985, all of which say that Madonna didn’t really want to be, or stay, a pop singer, and that she thought of herself as an actress, can the writers at Gossip Cop seriously still maintain that Madonna never wanted to be a movie star, when it’s pretty obvious, that yes, she did.

I cannot say definitively that Madonna is jealous of the praise Lady Gaga has been receiving in the media lately for her acting, but it is plausible, given Madonna’s history.


How Whitney got movie success Madonna craved


By Frances Burscough
February 20 2012

It was the early Nineties. Madonna was now in her second decade of superstardom and was hoping to finally break into the movie world once and for all.

…Kevin Costner, himself a huge star by this stage, was a keen fan and had brought his family to see Madonna perform at one of her shows. The footage from backstage was being filmed for a documentary and Kevin was seen approaching the diva to congratulate her on the spectacle. “That was really … er … neat!” he said, clearly feeling awkward to be caught off-guard on camera.

As he walked away, Madonna turned to her entourage and stuck her fingers down her throat to make a retching gesture as if to say: “He grosses me out!” They all burst out laughing, cruelly behind his back, and the entire thing was captured on camera. Not only that, but it was included in the final cut, so his humiliation was ultimately seen by millions.

When he saw it himself, Kevin Costner was naturally livid and refused to speak to her again.

But what Madonna didn’t know was that Kevin Costner had been there on a mission. He was at that time in talks with a film company about a new movie called The Bodyguard, and, as he was one of its executive producers he was seriously considering the possibility of casting Madonna in the all-important lead role. Part of his personal research was to go to a sell-out stadium tour and get a feel of the atmosphere and check out the arrangements behind the scenes.

By mocking him so thoughtlessly, Madonna had unwittingly blown her chances at one of the plum roles in movie history. And no amount of grovelling or apologies from the diva would change his mind. When she found out, she did everything she could to win him over, but Costner wasn’t interested.

Instead, he turned his attention to Whitney Houston, who at this stage had enjoyed number one hits with the likes of I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Saving All My Love.

The rest, of course, is history.

…The Bodyguard, of course, gave Whitney a starring role in a blockbuster movie.

Whether Madonna has ever achieved the same cinematic success is up for debate despite a decent turn in Evita and some plaudits for this year’s W.E.

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