The Anti Madonna Discussion Board Has A New Location – Now Hosted by Tapatalk

As of August 2018, the Anti Madonna board is no longer being hosted by Zetaboards but was handed off to Tapatalk (prior to that, it was hosted by Invision boards).

If you aren’t too interested in commenting about pop singer Madonna, we have other forums on the board, where other content can be posted about, including, but not limited to, current events, religion, politics, cooking / food, jokes, pets, movies, TV shows,  (Non-Madonna related) celebrity news, and art.

Neither the head admin, Melissa, or myself knew that the discussion board would be changing hosts.

I was very surprised one day to visit the forum and find it hand changed hosts.

Once the board changed hosts, I was unable to log in (despite being an admin) for about two weeks.

I couldn’t figure out if it was a password problem, or what.

I tried different solutions – I tried having the board e-mail me a link where-by I could change my password, and so on.

However, I found that most of their buttons and links do not work. I kept getting error messages when I should not have been – the board would tell me I had expired my number of password guesses, even on the very first try!

Tapatalk does not make it easy to log in or contact them.

They do not provide an e-mail address.

I tried accessing their Help forum to ask questions, and that didn’t quite work, though I did get an e-mail from one or their customer reps asking me if everything was okay. (He told me he noticed I had tried signing up for their Help forum.)

I was eventually able to access the board again, though I’m not sure if that was Melissa’s doing (but regardless, thank you Melissa for your help!) of if it was the customer rep guy.

I’m still getting the hang of the new Anti Madonna board. I assume we still have a “potential members must apply and be approved before being permitted to post” rule in place. If you sign up for the board, it may take me awhile to figure out how to grant you permissions to post.

At any rate, if the Anti Madonna board ever goes down, you can always come to this blog, or visit my Anti Madonna Twitter account ( @fleadip )

The current Anti Madonna discussion board location (as of August 2018):

Madonna turned 60 years old in August 2018. Our discussion board has not been getting many visitors (even prior to the host change) since, well, I don’t know, several years ago.

I think it’s a combination of more people using social media these days (rather than discussion boards) combined with the fact that Madonna’s career has been in a down-ward trajectory for years now. She’s not the hot commodity she once was, like back in the 1980s and even into part of the 1990s, when the media were constantly covering her every move.

(Note: my views on religion, some social issues, and politics have changed since the board started around 2005. I’ve become closer to the center than I was previously – I used to be more right wing than I am now. So, if you read older posts of mine on those subjects from around 2005 to around 2016, my opinions today may not be quite the same.)